Our Process - Brookover Feed Yards, Inc.
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Our Process

Principled Best Management Practices & Superior Performance

“What do we do best? That’s easy. Feed cattle.” — Brian Price

The commercial cattle feeding process begins with the movement of cattle from producers (ranchers and farmers) and the auction market to the feed yard. At Brookover, cattle are received 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at facilities specifically designed to ensure their proper and safe arrival.

As part of our high best-practice standards, cattle are weighed on the truck and then unloaded and moved to the receiving pen where fresh hay and water are readily available. This provides a settling introduction for the cattle and is essential to superior health and feed yard performance.

Information including weight of the cattle, time of arrival, observations on the condition of the cattle is recorded and an animal health program specifically designed for the arriving cattle begins.

Health programs are based on type, origin and previous animal health history of the cattle. A standard program includes implanting, assignment, attachment of a permanent lot identification number, deworming and vaccination. If needed, cattle can be efficiently sorted according to type and weight at this time.

Cattle are moved to their permanent pen where a starter ration and fresh water await them in a pen specifically designed for maximum cattle performance — with ample room for interaction and exercise. Cattle are then fed a finish ration based on a schedule that includes a combination of nutritional science and feeding expertise.

The bunk reader is critical to achieving maximum cattle performance. At Brookover, bunk reader technology observes cattle and bunks several times daily to ensure feed is distributed in a uniform and consistent manner. The amount fed is electronically recorded for every pen at each feeding.

Rations fed are scientifically formulated and completely manufactured in our modern feed manufacturing plants. Our plants include the most modern grain processors, ration batching and mixing system available. Feed quality control is strictly maintained by testing all incoming ingredients as well as the finished products.

Brookover is proud of the highly-trained cowboys at all of our feed yard operations. Pens are ridden daily to observe, pull and treat sick cattle immediately. Sick cattle are moved through a treatment program based on the specific diagnoses then moved to a recovery pen that allows the animal to readjust to ration and environmental conditions similar to their own pens.

To achieve the best animal stewardship and feed conversion, Brookover uses well-designed feed bunks to ensure timely feeding. Waterers are cleaned on a regular basis. Pen drainage is superb and the yard is cleaned continuously, which can improve cattle performance by up to 20 percent.

Brookover participates in a variety of marketing, value-added, and assurance programs, including BQA (Beef Quality Assurance) certification that certifies best-management practices for feeding, nutrition, animal health, identification, shelter and cattle handling.

Sales of finished cattle are an integral part of commercial cattle feeding. Brookover is ideally located within a 60 mile radius of five major packers with a combined capacity of 20,000 head per day. Our proximity and reputation for quality and consistency allows Brookover to receive top dollar for finished cattle.